Prototype-to-production UI library for Vue.

Artfully inspired.

Penciller leverages illustration principles to create prototypes that look like wireframes but are fully functional and production-ready.

Easy Markup

The markup for components follow a simple, predictable pattern that also retains native HTML attributes.

Convention Over Configuration

An opinionated workflow keeps your decisions to a minimum. Strong, clear rules make for easy implementation.

Minimal Code

With Penciller, you won't find a plethora of configuration options. Instead, you'll find a simple codebase that focuses on the basics, leaving room for you to build upon.

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Effortless Styling

Stylesheets have been painstakenly optimized so that they stay out of the way when you implement your design language.

For example, color variables use a minimal palette, based on pencil lead weights.

  • 4B
  • 2B
  • B
  • HB
  • H
  • 2H
  • 4H
  • Hazard
  • Go
  • Active


Use Penciller out-of-the-box or fork the source code and modify to suit your needs. Penciller's codebase follows best practices and is ready for production.

In the know.

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